No. 1:
1-st Level Listing
Trade in the most reliable IPS-shares issued by IPS-Issuers, which do not have violations of the terms of IPS-Emission. Objects from this section are sent to all investors accredited by the Exchange in priority order
2-nd Level Listing
Section for those IPS-Issuers:
- which violated the terms of IPS-emission issue;
- for which stock quotes are not supported by the Market Maker;
- and for which the deadlines (Control-period) are established to eliminate violations.
Based on the results of the Control period, a decision is taken with respect to the IPS-Issuer:
- about the return to the section IPS-1: Listing 1 level (in case of elimination of the violation)
- on the exclusion of the IPS-Issuer from the Exchange trades (in case of non-elimination of the violation)
IPS-V: Listing of venture projectsSection for new business projects that do not have financial and economic statements for past periods
IPS-T: Listing tokensSection for sale IPS-Tokens
No. 2:
Section for the sale of non-standardized shares of property of business projects
(including 100% of the share) that have the registration of intellectual property objects and the market value assessment, confirmed by the Exchange experts
IPS Section
Section for trade in objects for which the Exchange experts confirmed the existence of valid title documents for intellectual property without conducting market value appraisal by the Exchange experts
BA-3: off-exchange assetsSection for trading objects that were not checked by the Exchange experts, and for which the Exchange does not bear any responsibility to Investors
No. 3:
BS-1: Section "Partnership"Franchises and licenses
BS-2: Section "Innovations"Startups certified by the Stock Exchange: studying the idea of the startup by the Exchange and issuing a certificate confirming the innovative nature of the project, but without analyzing the financial and economic aspects and investment attractiveness
BS-3: Section "Investors"Requests from investors for the purchase of objects
BS-4: Business Objects SectionCompanies and commercial assets