In July 2018 in St. Petersburg "House of Nationalities", an international conference "Protection, capitalization and monetization of intellectual property", initiated by the Association of Scientific and Technical Societies of Koreans (ASTSK) and the Russian-Chinese Forum of Businessmen, the Beijing Municipal Trade Commission. The Eurasian Organization for Economic Cooperation (EOEC) acted as an active organizer of these events.

Participants of the conference - creative youth, prominent scientists, businessmen came to the opinion that intellectual property, as a result of creative work, is today one of the most important integrating factors of our time. The accession of the majority of the countries of the world to various international conventions and agreements allows us to develop uniform rules and rules for the protection of intangible assets, their capitalization and the extraction of benefits for business and the world economy.

At the same time, it was noted at the conference that in the present period Russia is lagging behind the leading countries, where the states in every possible way support the development of intellectual property. In Russia there is an acute shortage of IP appraisers, qualified accountants and lawyers in this field. There is a need for banks to lend to small and medium-sized businesses on bail of intangible assets, as is done in Europe, China, Korea and other countries of the Eurasian region. After all, this was the basis for the sharp economic rise of the East Asian countries.

A number of projects of great interest in the field of ecology and health were presented at the conference, as well as the world's first IP-MARIS electronic stock exchange (, which allows to attract investment funds through the trade in the shares of ownership of intangible assets . Unfortunately, these projects almost do not feel government support.

EOEC and the International Association for the Development of Intellectual Property (MARIS) are currently the most authoritative public organizations that consistently promote the involvement of intellectual property in the economy of the Russian Federation. An example of this is the creation of the Chair of Rule of Law and IP at the Eurasian University at the EOEC, which will train specialists in the field of intangible assets, certified IP appraisers and leaders of economic development of countries. Another example is the unique MARIS-created Exchange of Intellectual Property, which allows IP owners to exhibit and implement on the trading floors the results of their creative work.

The participants of the conference and forum requested the creation of a working group with the EOEC, which could become an aggregator of the development of a package of proposals for the accelerated development of the infrastructure for the involvement of IP in the Russian economy and the drafting of legislative and regulatory acts. The working group may include scientists and specialists with international ratings, representatives of intellectual property institutions, banking and financial institutions, creative unions and businesses and contribute to the accelerated economic development of Russia.

Chairman of the Presidium of the Conference and Forum

Dr Zhen Victor